New Home Real Estate Top 10

Your Handy New Home Shopping Top 10 List Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. With a myriad of options, it could also prove stressful if you're not prepared. Here are 10 things you'll want to consider when shopping for your new home: 1. Buy what you love...

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Welcome Home – Client Care

Taking Care of Business You may think that client care only plays a role if, and when, you buy a product or service. Customer service is typically the department that deals with issues that arise after a purchase is made. But, if a company takes client relations seriously (as they should) that simply...

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Home For The Holidays/Model Décor

Home Suite Model Home During your home buying search, it's likely you'll visit a number of model homes or suites – which is exactly what you should be doing! It’s a great way to see for yourself how a particular floorplan actually works, so you can determine if you can picture yourself living...

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Buying Process

Step-by-Step Throughout the course of the year we've explored various aspects of the new home buying experience. We've looked at choosing a home in the community that’s right for you, your experience in the sales office and what you should look for in the features, finishes, and amenities available both inside your home...

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Contributing to a Quality Lifestyle In recent articles I've covered many of the essentials pertaining to the process before and while you buy your new home or condominium to ensure you live in the best way imaginable. Enjoying a quality lifestyle is also composed of the experiences you have beyond the walls of...

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Technology In The Sales Office

Enhancing Your Experience While the majority of purchases can easily be made online today, when it comes to buying a home, nothing beats a trip to the sales centre! As builders, we recognize that choosing and buying the perfect home is a huge decision, and one that certainly won't be taken lightly by...

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There's More to Marketing than Fancy Ads The official definition of marketing is, "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services". True marketing though, is an art form that involves completely understanding your potential client and clearly communicating to them throughout the entire buying process. Today's consumer is savvy and...

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Location, Location, Community Your home is so much more than the walls that define your living spaces. It's more than the furniture and hand-picked accessories that reflect your personal style. It goes beyond modern appliances and a fancy 50" television. Your home extends beyond your house or condominium and indeed, includes everything located...

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Design Inspiration

Toronto is a Hub for Evolving Design and Infrastructure Through our own roster of exceptional architects and by drawing on international talent and inspiration, Toronto is continually evolving to become a leader in design. Indeed, we are at the forefront of becoming world-renowned. Often defined as a city of cranes, and with our...

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