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Client CareYou may think that client care only plays a role if, and when, you buy a product or service. Customer service is typically the department that deals with issues that arise after a purchase is made. But, if a company takes client relations seriously (as they should) that simply isn’t the case. Client care needs to be an essential part of any company’s culture. It’s pretty simple – without clients, you have no business.

New home client care ideally begins the second you step into a sales office. At this point, it pertains to creating a friendly environment, ensuring you are attended to and that you receive the information you require to make an informed purchase decision. You won’t necessarily meet with a Client Care Representative then, but everyone you encounter – from the receptionist, to sales agents, and anyone working on behalf of the builder – should have your best interests at heart, and be available to resolve any issues or queries you may have.

Once you’ve purchased your new home or condominium, it is good client care practice to reach out to you to: first, thank you for your purchase; and second, to learn if you have any additional questions. This practice sets the tone for all future communication. Now is usually when a Client Care Representative is assigned as your main point of contact, so you know specifically who turn to throughout the process.

The next client care benchmark occurs during your design appointment, which is when you select the finishes for home and can also choose from available upgrades. Depending on your builder’s organization, it may be someone other than your Client Care Representative who takes you through this. Regardless of who you deal with, the selection of features and finishes is an important part of client care, as during that appointment your builder representative should help you decide what choices are right for you.

Prior to moving in, you’ll undertake a formal inspection of your home. The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is another essential component of your client care experience. Your builder must provide you with a knowledgeable representative who is informed about all facets of what will be reviewed during this assessment. The representative you deal with should also help you understand fair expectations regarding the delivery of your home. A home is not a manufactured product. It may not be 100 per cent complete at PDI, but there is certainly a level of completion and quality that you should expect.   

Any company worth its salt realizes that it is responsible not only for acquiring new business, but for retaining and servicing existing clients. The best thing we can do is blow your socks off with a level of service that encourages you to recommend us to family and friends. Everyone you encounter – from the minute you step into a sales office, to the moment we hand you your keys, should provide you with an exceptional level of care that makes you feel welcome and at home.

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