New Home Timeline: From Concept to Occupancy

Buying processThe start of 2015 brings exciting opportunities to purchase a new home. By the time you step into any sales office, there’s been plenty of research into the how’s and why’s behind every aspect of a community. Let’s take a look at the new home timeline – from concept to occupancy – that helps ensure you can choose a home that reflects who you are and your desired lifestyle.

When a builder/developer chooses a parcel of land to build on, their strategy on design, pricing and marketing are based on the immediate neighbourhood and lifestyles of future residents. A builder considers the existing fabric of the area. They’ll determine if they’re building to blend with what’s already there or if they’re looking to transform a neighbourhood.

These factors will influence the team comprised to bring the builder’s vision to fruition. This team includes experts from an architect to landscaping consultant, interior designer, structural and mechanical engineers, all the way to marketing and public relations. An effective team will have experience in similar projects and will offer the expertise and knowledge required to create, market and build livable and sustainable communities.

A successful community is the result of a thorough understanding of how future residents will use their living spaces – both indoor and outdoor – as well as the infrastructure within the new community. In terms of condominium infrastructure, builders consider common spaces and amenities and the subsequent upkeep costs to residents. With detached houses, aspects can be added to the community to enhance the living experience – from parks, to dog walk areas, etc. In both cases, it’s essential to build indoor living spaces that address the needs of the buyers – whether they are single households, married, with or without children or include extended family members.

Communities usually have a distinctive character that reflects the lifestyle of future residents. A builder needs to understand whether they’re accommodating a luxury buyer, a first-time homeowner, someone looking to upgrade their space or downsize their current residence. This character will be apparent in the community and homes themselves, and will also affect marketing, media materials and experiences at preview and sales events. After all, the end goal is to speak to exactly who will be living in the future community. Every touch point the purchaser comes into contact with should be an accurate reflection of themselves and their lifestyles.

During the construction process, residents will often begin to meet more members of the in-house builder team, as they select their finishes and take part in the PDI (the walk-through pre-delivery inspection). A good builder will address any issues you have and ensure that you receive clear and timely communication especially should any issues arise or delays occur.

By the time you receive your keys, move into your new place and call it home, you should have a positive experience and be more than willing to refer your builder to family members or friends. A trusted referral is the true hallmark of a successful builder.

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