Charity Begins At Home

Untitled-1With the holiday season upon us, our thoughts often turn to opportunities to give back to our community. Getting involved in your new neighbourhood gives you the chance to help out those in need, meet people and make friends with those who have similar interests.  

At this time of year, as we show our gratitude for friends, family and what we have, it’s a great idea to lend a hand to those less fortunate. Neighbourhood contributions could include getting involved with a soup kitchen or shelter to help feed the homeless and hungry. Volunteering your time with local agencies and/or providing them with monetary assistance can do a lot to make someone’s holiday a little brighter.

Another option could be to sponsor a family in your immediate neighbourhood or city through a trusted charity. Depending on how the organization works, you might be asked to buy gift cards for the families to purchase much-needed staples including food, household supplies and warm clothing. There are also a number of opportunities to buy gifts and toys for the children in a family – things that would otherwise be overlooked in lieu of more essential items.

While the holiday season often puts us in a generous mood, charity endeavours don’t have to be limited to this time of year. There are plenty of chances to get involved year-round. Consider donating your time or food to community food banks. Don’t wait for them to announce a food drive – they’re in need of items all the time! The next time you stand in front of your closet and announce that you have nothing to wear, why not take another look at the clothing you know you haven’t worn in ages and donate some?

Through events such as April Toronto Clean Up Day, it’s easy to make a difference right outside your front door. As winter snow melts in the spring toward the end of April, the City of Toronto encourages groups to clean up laneways, parks or any areas in neighbourhoods. You can also do your part in keeping your community clean by choosing to never litter.

As builders, we work with the city to give back through participation in Public Art and Park Dedications. These endeavours help ensure that the city is made more beautiful, pedestrian-friendly and community-oriented. While participation is mandatory, we work to add elements within a neighbourhood that suit the existing residents and take into consideration the community that we’re transforming. Builders can also choose to sponsor cultural events in the city. For instance, Brandy Lane and The Davies were recently the presenting sponsor of The National Ballet of Canada’s production of Romeo and Juliet, to help maintain the diverse and artistic fabric of our city.

If we all do our part to help others and keep our community clean and maintained, these efforts will go a long way to creating world-class places to live. I encourage you to look outside your door and see how you can help out. After all, charity begins at home.

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