Essentials That Add Value to Your Home

community2Adding value to your new home or condominium is all about making it look great and function well – bearing in mind your immediate needs and thinking about what makes for good resale sense. During your colour selection appointment you’ll want to focus on the key areas that make the biggest impact, from kitchens and bathrooms, to flooring, exterior landscaping, and green elements that enhance your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms provide the “wow factor” in most homes. They carry the biggest tag due to the inherent cost of cabinetry, permanent fixtures like countertops and backsplashes, and built-in appliances that aren’t all that easy to change once installed. Key elements in these principal spaces should stand the test of time. While you’ll want your home to be up to date and reflective of your lifestyle, it’s important to consider what will work in your favour long term. Choosing the best quality you can afford and selecting neutral colours and finishes will help increase broad appeal, and add value. Remember, decor items can be easily changed to add colourful fashion-forward accents.

We Canadians live through four distinct seasons with extremes in temperature and humidity, so installing durable flooring is a good idea. Pre-finished engineered hardwood is an eco-friendly choice for main living spaces, and some people prefer it for bedrooms too. Having one consistent material expands the feeling of space. In high-traffic areas you might want to install ceramics, marble or porcelain tiling instead – depending upon the décor packages available for your home.

Landscaping boosts curb appeal in a single family home, townhome neighbourhoods and at high-rise communities. Elements added to the yard, terrace or balcony increases the enjoyment of your exclusive use outdoor space. A mix of perennial and seasonal plantings adds  colour and texture that elevates the look of your home. But, it’s best to consider how much maintenance you’re willing to do. If you know you don’t want to be outside dead-heading flowers, you’ll probably want to stick with ornamental grasses, evergreens and hardscaping, like patios, stonework and decks that require less work. Condo owners should check their declaration, but can usually transform their exterior spaces with potted plants and flowers, and seating to create an extension to their interior living space.

Upkeep that augments efficiency will add to and maintain the value of your home.  HVAC, humidifying and duct systems for instance, should be properly looked after to ensure they continue to work economically. Dirty filters and ducts will result in inefficient functioning and performance, and can decrease the lifetime of major appliances. It’s a good idea to become aware of the regular maintenance schedule required for the components that run your home to avoid having to replace parts and possibly whole systems before they would typically need to be changed. Inefficiencies will also, no doubt, add unnecessary costs to your monthly utility bills. Green roofs are becoming more popular every year. They add another welcome outdoor amenity and are good for the building budget too.

Tending to these essentials simultaneously increases the overall enjoyment of your home. 

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