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Untitled-1During your home buying search, it’s likely you’ll visit a number of model homes or suites – which is exactly what you should be doing! It’s a great way to see for yourself how a particular floorplan actually works, so you can determine if you can picture yourself living there. Plus, it’s a great way to see the latest in features, finishes and designer-selected décor, and pick up some ideas to freshen up your current home for the holidays. A new pillow here, a colourful throw blanket there, and a room can take on a whole different look.

As new home builders, we want to provide you with the ultimate sales experience, which often includes offering a furnished model home, suite or vignette to tour that depicts a home you might be considering. If we’ve done our job properly, the model should speak to you and give you the sense you’ve come to the “right” place.

As part of any project we undertake, we are tasked with ensuring that we choose an interior designer who can best create environments that portray the lifestyle our potential clients would like to live. Ideally, the project interior designer will reflect the tastes and preferences of those who are looking to live in a particular locale and optimize the space you’re being presented with. This usually starts with the sales office itself, and in the case of condominiums will include common areas such as lobbies and party rooms.

If you’re currently shopping for a new home, you likely already have, or soon will compile a list of “must-haves”. Your must-have list is essential to understanding what you absolutely need in order to feel comfortable in your new home. It is fairly easy to assemble when you consider what does and doesn’t work in your current living environment. For instance, if you find that you’ve outgrown your current space and need an additional room to accommodate a home office or to use as a den, these items will likely become a high priority on your list.

At the same time, you should consider what on that list you can give up in order to get something else that’s more important to you. While it would be ideal to find a home that has absolutely everything you want within your budget, you might have to trade off on certain items to get the things that really make a difference to your comfort, and the functionality you need according to your own lifestyle. Again, that’s where visiting models can come in handy, as they can showcase a new way of looking at a particular space.

The upcoming holiday season is a great time to get out and see those model suites you’ve been meaning to get to. Hopefully you’ll have some time off, during which you can also make that must-have list and check it twice… And on that note, on behalf of all of us at Brandy Lane Homes, I’d like to wish you a happy holiday. We’ll see you again in the New Year!

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