There’s More to Marketing than Fancy Ads

MarketingThe official definition of marketing is, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services”. True marketing though, is an art form that involves completely understanding your potential client and clearly communicating to them throughout the entire buying process.

Today’s consumer is savvy and intelligent. You can identify when marketing tactics are inauthentic or miss the mark. Now more than ever, it’s important that we speak to you in a manner that reflects your lifestyle, your expectations of the product and how we can enrich your lives. When you see a marketing piece, you will most likely (and rightfully so) wonder what’s in it for you. The key is for us to speak to you in a way that’s honest and direct. It also doesn’t hurt to have some fun in the process!

In the new home industry, we’re asking a lot of consumers. Buying a home will be one of the largest purchases you can make during your lifetime. It’s also a complex purchase that can’t be taken lightly. It’s our responsibility to properly educate you on your options and expectations. This is achieved through various means.

In terms of take-home marketing materials, builders should provide clearly marked floorplans and realistic renderings of exterior and interior spaces, as well as any common areas, if applicable. You should also be equipped with details pertaining to interior features and finishes. We are responsible for ensuring that you can imagine what your home will look like, and you should know exactly where your hard-earned money is going.

The in-person marketing experience is also very important. Sales offices need to be staffed with highly knowledgeable representatives. They need to walk you through every step of the process, beginning with the formal introduction to the project and ending with a thorough and clear disclosure of contractual details and responsibilities. We’re responsible for creating a positive and transparent experience at every touch point.

Transparency is essential in our communications with you in that we need to be clear about what you can expect from your new home purchase. While a good builder will always do everything in their power to ensure that things run smoothly and that every detail is as per specifications, we need to help you understand that nothing can ever be perfect. The quality of our marketing will show if-and-when something goes wrong. If we can clearly communicate issues with you and you are equipped to practice a reasonable expectation of how issues will be addressed, we’ve done our job right.

It’s a builder’s job to promote their own good reputation, and it’s our responsibility to tell you why you should buy from us and not another builder out there. Visit a number of sales offices and become familiar with the homes and communities that are offered by different builders and understand what differentiates them. While it’s important to know what your future home will look like, it’s even more crucial to trust that your home will be built to the specifications laid out in all that fancy marketing.

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