Top Fitness Trends For 2014

Let’s Get Moving

Fitness TrendsWith the Victoria Day long weekend now behind us and the promise of better weather ahead, you might be encouraged to get more active. I know I am, and this is certainly the time to get moving! When you are considering your future house or condo, you’ll want to make note of local and on-site indoor fitness facilities, as well as what outdoor active pursuits are close to home.    

There’s no doubt that day-to-day life can be very hectic and sometimes squeezing in a workout is the last thing on your mind. Or you might be getting bored with a repetitive routine that no longer challenges you. This is exactly why circuit training has become as popular as it has recently. This type of workout allows for an effective and quick way to get your heart pumping while having fun by switching up your regular routine.

If you’re looking for a new condo, you’ll likely have a fully-equipped fitness centre right in the building, with everything from elliptical trainers for the perfect cardio workout, to weights that will sculpt those abs and arms, and often a Yoga/Pilates studio – talk about the ultimate in circuit training! Depending upon where you’re looking to live and the lifestyle you want, other amenities that may be important to you include party rooms – where you can host larger gatherings and where you and your friends can stay fit by dancing up a storm. In some cases, you might even have a pool located conveniently in your building. Take into consideration which fitness amenities you are most likely to use when determining the best place for you.

In terms of location – maybe your new home search is centred on a specific locale because you’re an avid golfer and you want the club or range you play at to be close by. You might want to consider your proximity to trails or paths where you can hike, walk, run or bike during the warmer months. Perhaps you already have a gym membership, or made a pact with yourself to take regular brisk walks around your neighbourhood or the local park. Either way, consider how easy it is to get involved in the activities you enjoy the most – the easier working out is for you, the more likely you are to stick to it.

Fitness facilities and access to active areas are also a great way to create a like-minded community and introduce some balance and much-needed stress relief to your life. For instance, you could meet in your condo gym and challenge each other to surpass your current physical limits. On the other hand, you could create a neighbourhood run club that meets regularly to get out and keep active. If you know that others are counting on you to join them, that sense of responsibility can also work as a great motivator on those days when you might skip your workout.

Bearing in mind how you want to stay active during your new home search will help set you up for success!

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