Pets In Your New Home and Neighbourhood

CaricaturesWhether you’re searching for a single family or condominium home, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your bases are covered as a pet owner. Owners are pampering their “best friends” with products and services provided by the rising number of specialty boutiques catering to pets. Now, more than ever, many households will have furry companions around.

With condos, it’s important to carefully review all documents. They spell out the specific bylaws and rules of the condominium corporation, and you’ll need to comply with the type of pets, the total number allowed, and any weight restrictions imposed. Rules pertaining to the allowance of pets in condos are certainly changing so you want to be especially aware of any stipulations spelt out in documents for older condos. When you buy a new condo, you have ten days to review all legalities. You may have a shorter period of time to review the Status Certificate, which will deal primarily with the financial status of the condo building and your suite. If you’re unclear about anything, as always, it’s wise to consult your lawyer to be sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities.

There are a fair bit of customization opportunities available when buying a new home or condo. In the case of low-rise, a faucet or extra laundry tub in the garage can go a long way to keeping your pooch clean – you might want to confirm this is doable through your builder. Carpeting on stairs or in main living areas could pose a challenge to cat lovers whose felines see any carpet as the ideal substitute for a scratching post (same goes for long, flowing drapery). Or if you have a dog that’s tough to corral to clean off dirty paws after a jaunt in the rain, you might prefer a dirt-hiding patterned tile at the entry or foyer. As for condos, recent amenities show a rise in the popularity of pet-spa features, such as dog washes.

In terms of the surrounding neighbourhood, it’s a good idea to become familiar with where off-leash parks are located. Many neighbourhoods incorporate dog parks that offer your pooch open space to get some exercise and give you the excuse to get some fresh air. Getting your pooch around other dogs also encourages dog socialization. Finally, they’re a great place for you to get to know your neighbours and make new friends.

Speaking of neighbours and making new friends, keep general pet etiquette in mind. Whether you’re at home taking the elevator or walking around your neighbourhood, you’ll want to keep your furry friend on a tight leash. If you’re waiting for an elevator and are faced with a crowded one, you might want to wait for the next ride.

With more and more households embracing pets (and this trend is bound to continue) keeping your best friends’ needs and those of others around ensures that everyone is happy with having furry companions around.

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