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Interior designThe features and finishes in your home should reflect your personal style and taste. It’s up to us, as builders, to really understand who we’re building for to ensure that we provide you with a selection of standard and optional design features that offer what you want in your home. For instance, a high-end million dollar penthouse suite in downtown Toronto would probably have very different finish choices than a two-storey suburban family home.

The new home buying experience doesn’t end at the initial purchase of your home. It continues as you make your decor choices. Colour Selection, as this process is called, will often take place at a dedicated decor centre. This is your opportunity to customize your home as far as the look and feel of design finishes go. A builder should provide you with a design expert who will help you make the right selections to create a cohesive look. 

Regardless of whether you’re buying that penthouse or that two-storey home, standard finishes should be good quality. While different locations, prices and home types will command a different range of design details, standard finishes should offer fair value. Upgraded features and finishes are available, if you wish to look at options outside of the standard choices. When considering the extra cost of upgrades in your budget, it’s best to consider how they will add to the value of your property (always think resale). You should also consider that purchasing upgrades at the pre-construction phase will save you hassles and potentially money in the future, as when the work is done by your builder, as opposed to “Do It Yourself” later, you have a new home warranty on materials and workmanship.   

The design of your home’s interior, is not limited to the finish of your flooring, the colour of your cabinets or the make of your fridge. Creating truly liveable layouts has more to do with us having a clear vision of how you want live, and efficiently using every inch of square footage to maximize the space you have to live in.

When considering the layout of a home, Brandy Lane always puts functionality at the top of the list. We determine how spaces will best flow, i.e. the movement of people within specific rooms and from one area to another. By properly understanding how you will use your home, we can allocate adequate square footage for both flow and overall required room size. We also factor-in which areas are considered public, and which private.

We also need to imagine what typical furniture placement in a given room might look like. This is connected to the overall functionality of any space. If you can’t fit a bed in your bedroom or a couch in your living room, we haven’t done our job properly. After all, you need a home that is liveable and functional. And above that, you want to live the ultimate lifestyle that’s just right for you.

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"We're excited about the fact that on the weekends I can actually keep my car at home and not take it out and walk and do my errands and shopping."
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"Brandy Lane’s designs are amazingly livable and well thought out,” Laura says. “Our first condominium is beautiful. We feel welcome and comfortable there. It’s a great place."
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